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From a Players Point of view, here's a great review of the all new Planet Eclipse GTEK 160R Paintball Gun Marker. Thanks to Noa Michael for testing our guns!

Planet Eclipse GTEK 160R Paintball Guns

It’s good to have a brand new one sent to make a better, more fair comparison. Package, case, overall presentation is really good. The marker itself holds it’s own as far as being comfortable in the hand. The AT pipe doesn’t really bother me, it’s actually really grown on me. It just seems very utilitarian and to me, embodies Planet Eclipse’s well deserved reputation of being highly reliable.

Shot quality. Again, smooth, quiet, nothing overbearing. I thought it would not be a close comparison, but comparing the level of smoothnesss, it still holds its own very well. You could not accuse the 160R of being loud or having kick. The Gamma Core is still as legit as they come.

Did it break paint? Same thing, same paint, tank, hopper. The only difference between them was that I used the stock barrels included with each marker. So that meant the Gtek 160R had a .689 bore size, the DSR had .688, and the XLS came supplied with .687 insert. The 160R also passed with flying colors.

Okay so here are some initial thoughts and opinions among the three:
-the Shocker had the smoothest shot. In order of smoothest- XLS, DSR, 160R.
-the DSR’s overall fit and finish seems the best.
-the 160R feels the most solid and substantial.
-the Shockers grip placement feels proper, the spacing. If they incorporated some newer details in the next release, IMO they would win more categories. Namely, a smoothly integrated asa, better rubber material, and maybe integrate the front grip cover to seamlessly integrate with the body.
-the DSR’s rubber grip material is IMO where it’s at.

TRIGGERS! The 160R’s Trigger feels fine, but in comparison the other two start to feel like they get a lead. The 160R has tension toward the end of the pull. The DSR feels good, light, and responsive, and it’s shape helps I think. One finger trigger pull on the DSR feels the best. The XLS Trigger feels just like the RSX, it’s maybe ever so slightly behind the DSR’s Trigger, maybe? Maybe it’s the shape, I’d like to see how a blade trigger on the XLS could help in that area.