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Trademygun.com has been buying, selling and trading new and used paintball equipment since 2006. We offer a safe and secure place to trade or sell your paintball gear, and have the largest selection of used paintball guns in the world.


TradeMyGun.com is the most experienced paintball business in the United States.  We offer a full line of paintball guns, paintball gear and paintball accessories.  We also have a world class indoor and outdoor paintball field and paintball pro shop.  All our paintball guns and paintball gear can be found online and at our paintball field located in North East Indiana.  We carry a full line of paintball products from most paintball manufacturers like Ape Paintball, Azodin Paintball, Bob Long Paintball, BT Paintball, Custom Products, Dangerous Powers Paintball, DLX Luxe Paintball, Draxxus Paintball, Dye Paintball, Empire Paintball, GI Sportz, GOG Paintball, JT Paintball, MacDev Paintball, Planet Eclipse, Proto Matrix, Kingman Spyder, Tiberius Arms Paintball, Tippmann Paintball, TechT Paintball, V-Force Paintball, Valken Paintball, Virtue Paintball and many more. 


We offer the best price guaranteed on all Paintball Guns, Paintball Packages, Paintball Bags, Paintball Barrels, Paintball Apparel, Paintball Gun Upgrades, Paintball Loaders / Hoppers, Paintball Masks, Paintball Pads, Paintball Tanks and more. 


Here at TradeMyGun we have experienced paintball staff that is standing by willing and able to help you with any Paintball Gun or Paintball Gear question that you may have.  Because we have Paintball Guns / Gear and a Paintball Field, we can give you first hand paintball reviews of the paintball equipment being used. 


TradeMyGun also sells Used Paintball Guns and paintball gear.  We take paintball guns in on trade and give you credit that can be used to purchase other new paintball guns, used paintball guns or new paintball gear.  We will meet or beat any paintball gun trade credit price from any established business. 


In addition to the best prices and best service on all our paintball guns and paintball gear, you will enjoy our Hassle Free Returns policy.  If for any reason you decide you no longer want a new Paintball Gun, Paintball Tank or and other Paintball Item - simply ship your new paintball item (in new unused condition with original tags and packaging) back to us within 30 days of purchase and we will issue you a full refund (minus the original shipping cost and a 15% restocking fee). 


TradeMyGun Paintball Gun and Paintball Gear Categories:


Closeout Paintball Gear – Our Closeout Paintball Gear is loaded with great deals on previous year paintball gear and paintball guns.  This is a great place to find that paintball sale equipment that you have been searching for.  Every year paintball manufacturers design and introduce new paintball guns, paintball tanks and paintball gear.  When this happens they will offer a paintball deal on all their old design stock.  TradeMyGun is a big buyer of this closeout paintball gear and in turn offers it to you at great prices.  If you want a cheap paintball gun or cheap paintball gear you should keep an eye on our products shown in this category. 


Paintball Gear Bags and Gun Cases - Eventually, you will need a paintball gear bag to carry your paintball gun and gear to the field.  You will also need a way to protect your paintball gun from getting scratched from your other paintball gear.  Depending on the amount of gear you have, you will need to pick between a paintball gear bag or a paintball backpack.  Paintball gear bags come in a variety of sizes and generally have wheels and a handle that make it easy to transport.  Paintball backpacks are smaller than gear bags and are designed to hold your paintball gun, paintball tank and other essential gear.  Paintball gun cases are offered by several manufacturers like Planet Eclipse, GI Sportz , Dye Paintball and Bob Long.  Gun cases will hold your paintball gun and at least one paintball barrel (sometimes they will hold an entire paintball barrel kit). 


GenX Global Paintball Gear Bags – The GenX paintball gear bag is an in-expensive option to get your gear to the field.  Genx gear bags come in one small travel bag size that will fit your essential paintball gun and paintball gear. 


Dye Paintball Gear Bags – The Dye paintball gear bag comes in four designs and sizes.  The Dye Escape paintball backpack is a good size and will carry all your needed paintball gun and gear on your back.  The Dye Resister and Dye Explorer paintball gear bags are a great intermediate rolling gear bag size.  If you’re looking for the biggest gear bag you can get you should check out the Dye Navigator “body bag” paintball gear bag. 


Empire Paintball Gear Bags – The Empire paintball gear bag and backpack comes in four models.  The hard shell day paintball backpack is perfect for a quick trip to the paintball field with all your necessary paintball equipment.  If you need a roller bag you should look into the Empire Transit gear bag and the Empire Grenade paintball gear bag.  If you are faced with enough paintball gear for a small army, get yourself into the Empire XLT gear bag (the largest rolling gear bag they make). 



Planet Eclipse Paintball Gear Bags – Planet Eclipse makes two styles of paintball gear bags, one style of a paintball gun case / bag and a paintball backpack.  The first gear bag is a Classic rolling paintball gear bag that is full size (will work for one or two complete sets of paintball guns and paintball equipment).  The second gear bag is called the Compact gear bag and is similar to the Classic bag but is slightly smaller and can be rolled or carried on your back (has backpack straps).  The eclipse paintball gun bag / case work’s with all tournament level paintball guns and will hold several extra barrels.  The Planet Eclipse Gravel backpack is perfect for the paintball player that is looking for a way to pack the basic paintball playing gear for a single day of play. 


HK Army Paintball Gear Bags – HK Army started off selling paintball tshirts and headbands, but now has a complete line of paintball equipment including paintball gear bags.  The HK Army Gear Bag is a rolling Hardbody design.  This is possibly the largest paintball gear bag in production!


GI Sportz Paintball Gear Bags – The GI Sportz paintball gear bags were first introduced in the summer of 2014.  They have a Hidr backpack, a 21” Flight Bag, a 28” Roller gear bag and a large 34” Tankr roller paintball gear bag. 


New Paintball Guns – We have the largest supply of paintball guns online and offline at our paintball field.  We carry paintball guns from all the major paintball companies including: Azodin paintball guns, BT paintball guns, Dye paintball guns, Dangerous Powers paintball guns, Invert paintball guns, Eclipse paintball guns, Spyder paintball guns, Kingman paintball guns, Empire paintball guns, Proto paintball guns, Tippmann paintball guns, Bob Long paintball guns, MacDev guns and more.  Not only do we carry all these new paintball guns but we also sell used paintball guns from the sale companies. 


When picking a paintball gun it is important to first decide if you are looking for a Tactical paintball gun or a Tournament paintball gun.  Tactical paintball guns are great for the following styles of paintball game play: woodsball, recball, Scenario play and Big Game paintball play.  Tournament paintball guns are generally used for speedball games but can also be used for woodsball and scenario play.  Tournament paintball guns are great because they are super quiet and extremely air efficient. 


Paintball guns range in price from $50 to $2,000.  A Tactical paintball gun will generally cost you between $50 and $250.  A Tournament paintball gun will normally cost you between $250 and $1500.  In addition to the cost to buy a paintball gun, you also will need to buy a paintball tank and a paintball loader for your paintball marker.  Normally a tank and loader will cost under $100 for a Tactical gun and will cost over $100 for a tournament gun. 


The most popular Tactical guns are produced by Tippmann paintball.  Other great tactical paintball guns are made by: Spyder, BT Paintball and Valken Paintball. 


Tournament paintball guns can be split into Beginner paintball guns, Intermediate paintball guns and Advanced paintball guns.


Beginner Tournament Paintball Guns: Price Range of up to $350


Invert Mini Paintball Gun: The invert mini paintball gun is made by Empire paintball and has been in production for several years.  It is simple to use and has great performance and reliability.  A new invert mini marker sells for $325.95.  Used invert mini paintball guns sell for $200 to $225.  The Invert Mini is our top pick for a beginner Tournament level paintball gun. 


Planet Eclipse Etha Paintball Gun: The Eclipse Etha paintball gun is made by Planet Eclipse.  The Etha marker includes a 2-piece paintball barrel and comes with a nice hard paintball carry case.  For $350 you will own a paintball gun from the top paintball company in the United States.  The Eclipse Etha Paintball Gun is our 2nd pick for the beginner speedball player. 


Proto Rail Paintball Gun: The Proto Matrix Rail (PMR) paintball gun is made by Dye paintball.  The PMR paintball marker is a nice gun for a player just getting into paintball tournaments.  Priced at only $250 you get a lot of features for your money.  The Proto PMR paintball gun is our 3rd pick in the beginner tournament level category. 


Valken Proton Paintball Gun: The Proton Paintball Gun is made by the Valken paintball company.  The Proton marker is very light weight and comes in a nice array of colors.  This paintball marker competes with the Invert Mini Gun, priced at $325. 


Dangerous Powers G5 Paintball Gun: The DP G5 paintball gun is made by Dangerous Powers.  This paintball gun also competes with the invert mini marker.  The DP G5 marker is great in performance but does not have the reliability that you will get with the invert mini gun. 



Intermediate Tournament Paintball Guns: Price Range of $350 to $800

Empire Axe Paintball Gun -  The Empire Axe Paintball Gun is your very best choice if you have less than $1,000 to spend on a paintball gun.  The Axe marker is used by beginner and pro paintball players.  For $459 you get a high quality, accurate, air efficient and reliable paintball gun.  The Empire Axe has a single down fall: The short one piece paintball barrel.  The Empire axe uses an autococker thread paintball barrel.  The first paintball gun upgrade you will want to make is a better paintball barrel.  From years of experience shooting every gun made (new and used), our number one endorsed paintball barrel is the Dye UL barrel (dye ultralite barrel). 


Eclipse Etek 4 Paintball Gun – The Planet Eclipse Etek 4 Paintball Gun comes in two models.  The Etek 4AM sells for $699 and features an all metal frame.  The Etek 4LT sells for $599 and features a composite frame.  Both paintball guns will shoot the same.  The Etek 4 paintball marker comes with a nice paintball gun case and features a good quality 2 piece paintball barrel.  The Etek marker used poppet technology which give you great air efficiency (you get more shots for a single fill of air in your paintball tank). The downside of a Poppet paintball gun is the high recoil of the shot and the loud noise made from this paintball gun.  The Etek 4 is our 2nd pick for anIntermediate Tournament Level Paintball Gun. 


Proto Matrix Reflex Rail Paintball Gun – The Proto Reflex Rail Paintball Gun is made by the Dye Matrix paintball company.  The Reflex Rail markers uses spool valve technology which requires more maintenance than the Etek 4.  However, when properly serviced this paintball marker will be more accurate than the Eclipse Etek.  The increased accuracy is achieved by a complex spool valve paintball bolt system.  This comes at a cost of getting less air efficiency.  The Proto Reflex Paintball Gun is our 3rd pick for this level gun.

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