50/50 SWITCH Program

At, we want you to have the gun you want. If you buy a USED gun from us you have 50 DAYS to use your gun. Anytime in that 50 Day period, you can switch guns for a $50 SWITCH FEE... no questions asked!

We will give you back exactly what you paid for the item, in store credit, to be used towards another gun.

Please note, this is not a RETURN policy. Used guns can not be returned for refund, they can be "SWITCHED" for another used gun for a small $50 SWITCH FEE.

If you choose to get a different used gun that is HIGHER price, you simply pay the difference and the $50 SWITCH FEE and you are good to go.

If you choose to get a different used gun that has a LOWER price, cash will NOT be given back. We will simply SWITCH it for only the $50 SWITCH FEE.

The 50/50 Switch is valid on USED guns only, you may 50/50 SWITCH towards a NEW gun, but then it can not be Switched any longer.


Fine Print Details:

Shipping: Buyer is responsible for shipment of old gun to us, we pay to ship your new gun back to you. We ship economy 5-7 Days, you may upgrade shipping for a small fee if you need it quicker.