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4,000 Rounds Empire 68 Caliber Paintballs - White Box - FPO Orange Shell Fill

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This is a product made by GI Sportz / Empire Paintball. The product is shipped in a white box. The Paintballs are being sold at a closeout price due to the paintball OIL that is on the shells. The balls are not broken but they are "wet" with this oil. The oil doesn't impact the performance and can be wiped down by dumping the balls onto a towel and rolling around (if you want to get them dried off this method works great). Some color schemes are better than others, this particular color has very little oil on the paintballs.

The balls shoot very straight and break easily on target. This is a great economical paintball for practice!


  • 2 Full Cases of Paintballs (8 bags of 500, total of 4,000 Paintballs)
  • Eco Fill of Paintball: Orange color (It is possible it will vary but the paint we checked was this color)
  • Shell Color of Paintball: Orange with FPO Stamp on each Ball (see pictures)
  • Standard .68 Caliber Size
  • See Picture for Paintball Oil shown inside the sealed plastic bags

There is NO WARRANTY expressed or implied on paintballs of any type or brand. We inspect all paintballs and make sure they are in perfect condition before they are shipped to our customers. Please realize that a few balls may be broken in transit. It happens from time to time. Paintballs are somewhat fragile and if some of them broke, that just means that a few of them just couldn't handle the trip. Its just not worth trying to ship the balls back to us because of the shipping costs involved. So it's cheaper and faster just to clean the balls off yourself so you can actually get out and play. Here are instructions on how to clean paintballs. Keep in mind that paintballs are not "squeaky" clean. Paintballs will always have a "slick", oily feel to them. So even after you wipe them down, they will have a residue on them.

1. Find the broken balls and throw them out. It could just be a leaky seam so look carefully for them.
2. Get large clean old towel.
3. Lay the old towel out on the floor and carefully pour half of the bag with the broken paint out on the towel and corral them together .
4. Take a corner of the towel and place it on the paintballs. Apply light pressure and move the paintballs around in a circular motion.
5. Work on a section of paintballs at a time, as they become clean put them in a large Ziplock baggie. Carefully clean them to the point that there is no more visible paint on them.
6. Pour the other half of the balls out and repeat the process, using another side of the towel you did not use previously.
7. When you are done, put all the balls in the bag. Push air out of the bag and zip the Ziplock bag secure. Now you are all set.

If paintballs appear to have been damaged in shipment, call us so that we may file a damaged shipment claim. The claim is normally handled within 3-6 weeks.